Trip Poster Terms of Use

The terms of this Agreement solely apply to content creators on GoHype.

Creating Content

-    All photos and content used as part of your trip must be your own. 

-    GoHype Limited does not take any ownership or credit for any of the photos or content used as part of your trip. All photo and content credit remains with the Poster who shares the trip. When you accept these Terms, you will be granting us a royalty free license to display your created trips in our advertisements, for example, App Store and website screenshots or videos of the application in action, solely within the context of the application. You can end this license at any time by requesting a deletion of your content.

-    We ask that you create content in English (we'll add support for other languages in the future), and any information you provide is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate.

-    GoHype has the right to remove a trip without notice if it contains discriminatory, violent, infringing, sexualised or hateful content, or if we feel, in good faith, that the content is not acceptable in any way.

After sharing your Trip

-    As best as you can, please keep up-to-date with questions that our users have posted in the “Question & Answer” section of your trip. You’ll be able access these from the “Activity” Tab. Answering questions may give users the confidence to book your trip.


When a user books flights, a hotel or attractions through your trip, we get paid by our partners,, JetRadar & GetYourGuide (after the completion of a trip) and we split this commission with you (as agreed between GoHype and you beforehand).

Commission will, in most cases, be available for withdrawal within 48 hours after GoHype receives the payment from their partners,, JetRadar and GetYourGuide.

Pending and withdrawable commission can be viewed by clicking on the “Profile” tab, then selecting “Commission”.

Payment will be processed via PayPal, and any transaction fees will be deducted from the total commission withdrawal.

In the event that you delete your account, or your account is deleted due to a breach of the terms of this document, or our Terms of Use, you accept that any pending or available commission will be forfeited to GoHype Limited.

If for any reason the application is terminated, pending and available commission will be forfeited to GoHype Limited.

Updating these Terms
We are always improving GoHype to give you the best experience possible. As such, we may need to update these Terms from time to time to reflect changes we make. When we do, we will notify you (for example, via email or in-app) about the update to our Terms. From the time we contact you, we will give you opportunity to review and accept the updated Terms over a period of 30 days. Unless you contact us to decline the changes within this period, this will constitute as you accepting and being bound by the updated Terms. If for any reason you decide that you do not agree to the updated terms, please contact us on and we will delete your GoHype account for you.

These Terms shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with English Law.

GoHype may correct spelling, grammatical and map point errors for you before a trip is approved. If a trip contains content that we deem unacceptable in any way (including duplicate photos), we will notify you. If the issue requires your attention, we may return the trip to you for editing.

By submitting your trip (the content you have added) you agree and will abide by these Terms.

If you took part in the GoHype beta, these Terms will supersede any previous terms you agreed to, including but not limited to 'Beta Terms'. We will give you 30 days notice to review and accept these Terms, after which you will be bound by these Terms.

If any court of Law, having the jurisdiction to decide on the matter in question, rules that a segment of these Terms of Use is void, it will be removed from the Terms of Use without affecting the remaining segments of the Terms of Use. The remaining segments are non-void, and continue to be enforceable.

These Terms act as a supplement to the general GoHype Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and do not act as a replacement.

Contact us
If you have any questions about these Terms, or if there’s anything at all we can help with, please contact us within the Help section of the “Profile” tab, via our Instagram DM @gohypetravel, or via our email