Trip Poster Guidelines

Thank you for joining GoHype! 

We’ve set out a few guidelines below that we hope will help with creating your trip:

Photos & Caption

-    Try to include some photos that you're in (so people know it's you who has experienced it). 

-    You’ll be able to add a minimum of 10 photos of your trip, and a maximum of 35. The 5 main photos will be the first photos people see.

-    The caption you write will be displayed underneath your 5 main photos on the trips feed.

Trip Description & Travel Month

-    Writing a trip description allows our users to get a feel for your trip before they begin reading more. This might be an overview of what your trip includes, some tips or however you wish to introduce your trip!

-    You’ll then be asked to enter the month that you visited the destination.

Trip Highlights

-    Trip highlights are exactly that – parts of your trip that particularly stood out. Maybe an incredible viewpoint you found, a museum/exhibition worth visiting or a not-so-well-known beach you’d recommend.

-    You’ll be able to add a title, photo of the highlight, write about your experience of the highlight and find the highlight on a map.

-    Your trip will display better if you add more than five highlights.

We are always looking for ways to improve the application. As such, from time to time we may change Trips and the content within. We may require you to update sections of your trips to meet any new changes. We will contact you if changes are needed.

After you’ve posted your trip, users can ask questions about the trip in the public Question & Answer section. Answering questions may give users the confidence to book your trip.

If you have any questions about creating your trip, or if there’s anything at all we can help with, please contact us within the Help section of the “Profile” tab, via our Instagram DM @gohypetravel, or via our email